Discover The Future of Gold!

We predict gold prices by using the Artificial Intelligence we created using dozens of global parameters.

Gold Prices

The chart below shows AI-powered estimated gold prices.


How Does It Work?


Data Collecting

We collect data that directly or indirectly affects gold prices.

Data Analysis

We make the data meaningful by editing and analyzing the collected data.

AI Model Development

Using data, we train an artificial intelligence model and predict gold prices.

Some Data We Use While Training the Artificial Intelligence Model

Precious Metal Prices

We use prices of other precious metals.

Supply-Demand Balance and Consumer Confidence Indices

We use worldwide gold supply & demand data and worldwide consumer confidence indices.

Economic Confidence Factors

We use the market behavior statistics of global companies.

Stock Market Indices

We use global index informations such as S&P 500, FTSE 100, Hang Seng Index.

Interest Rates

We use the interest rates of countries such as the USA, the European Union and Japan.

Gold Mining Data

We use gold mining and the amounts of gold mined.

In addition to the main data above, we finalize artificial intelligence models by using many different data that affect gold prices.


We have compiled frequently asked questions for you in this section.

Are Forecasts Reliable?

Gold is one of the most volatile investment instruments and its price is affected by many different variables. Therefore, it is very difficult to predict gold prices. The artificial intelligence models we have developed predict gold prices with an average deviation of %2.9.

Do You Recommend Investing in Gold?

The gold price predictions on this site are definitely not investment advice. The purpose of the site is to be an example of the use of Artificial Intelligence in the field of Finance and to identify the parameters that affect gold prices.

We create a time series model using dozens of parameters from the past +20 years that affect gold prices. The model we created predicts gold prices for the next 1 week.

We also use some of the data we collect to test the accuracy of our Artificial Intelligence Model. According to the data we obtained as a result of these tests, our Artificial Intelligence model predicts gold prices with an average daily difference of %2.9.

Every Saturday, we publish our predictions for the following week.

Yes, we just develop Artificial Intelligence models that predict gold prices.

No, artificial intelligence predictions do not constitute investment advice. It is for informational purposes only and we recommend that you seek professional advice when making investment decisions.

We are trying to increase the accuracy of our Artificial Intelligence Model by adding different parameters and new features every day. In our work, there are improvements such as detecting different data directly and inversely proportional to gold prices, and detecting news affecting gold prices by categorizing daily news with the help of Artificial Intelligence.